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Learn everything you need to know about warehouse storage, from choosing the right storage solution to optimizing inventory management, in this comprehensive guide.

A Comprehensive Guide on Warehouse Storage | StowNest Storage

A Comprehensive Guide On Warehouse Storage

What is warehousing?

Warehousing is defined as a place used for storage and accumulation of goods. Warehouses play a significant role in the smooth functioning of the supply chain. They are used by exporters, importers, transport business, e-commerce business. Warehouses accomplish the significant function of storing the goods from the time they are produced to the time they reach the market. 

By storing the goods throughout the year, and releasing them whenever needed, warehousing creates time utility. 

Types of warehousing services

Traditionally speaking, a warehouse is defined as a building where items are stored. A warehouse provides comprehensive storage, and shipping services. Some of the warehousing services are

Inbounding and receiving

The first step in warehousing is getting the inventory from the supplier to the warehouse partner. This process is called inbounding. A supply chain partner will provide freight shipping and warehouse services. Hiring such a service partner can simplify the inbound process.

The inbounding process begins with an Advance Shipment Notice which is usually sent as an Electronic Data Interchange through the warehouse’s management system. The ASN contains the details about the quantities of goods, the warehouse can expect an incoming shipment from a supplier.

The warehouse uses the ASN to make sure space is available for the incoming inventory and fix the appropriate staff to receive it. Once the shipment arrives, the shipment is checked with the ASN and they are stocked properly. 

A dock to stock time of 48 hours ensures more accurate inventory counts and quicker turnaround times so that you will be able to sell your inventory immediately. It is important to find a warehouse partner who can help with labor and inventory tracking. 

Warehouse Storage Services

If your products require temperature control, humidity control or cold chain or serialization, it is important to check potential warehouses which are properly equipped according to your product requirements. The manner in which products are stored is important to the productivity of the warehouse. Products should be stored in such a way that it reduces the number of steps taken by pickers as they move through the warehouse. 

Pick, pack and ship warehousing services

Picking and packing refers to the process of picking inventory and packing them into boxes once an order has been received. A technology enabled warehouse will have a WMS system with double verification to ensure against mis-picks.

Shipping should be provided by a reputable carrier and carrier names should be added to all orders 

ups should be scheduled on a daily basis and the best warehouses will receive all orders before cut-off time. 

Packout procedures

Proper warehouse packout procedures are very important to ensure the safety of your products while in transit. When customers receive their products in a damaged condition, they are likely to give negative reviews. 75% of people are likely to inform their friends and family about receiving damaged items and 25% of them might share it on social media. So, it might affect your brand image. 

Functions of warehousing

Following are the important functions of warehousing.


This is the basic function of warehousing. Warehouses hold goods and raw materials that are not immediately needed for sales or manufacturing. They are supplied when there is a demand from the customers. 

Price stabilization

Warehousing plays an important role in the process of price stabilization. Warehousing stabilizes prices by adjusting supply of goods in response to the customer’s demand. Fall in the price of goods when the supply is in abundance and rise in the price during the dull season are therefore avoided. 

Risk bearing

When goods are stored in warehouses, they are exposed to many risks in the form of theft, deterioration, fire etc. Warehouses should be constructed in such a way that it minimizes the risks. The person who keeps the goods in the warehouses is a bailor and the warehouse keeper acts as a bailee. The warehouse keeper has to take proper care and safeguard the goods against various risks. In case of loss or damaged goods, the warehouse keeper is liable to the owner of the goods. 

Features of ideal warehouses

An ideal warehouse has the following features

Proper Location

For effective movement of goods and services, warehouses should be situated at places which are convenient for both buyer and seller. It should also be situated near ports, railway stations and airports for easy loading and unloading of goods. 

Sufficient space

Adequate space should be required for maximum storage and to keep the goods in proper order. Every trader would want all of his goods to be stored in one place so that he need not travel to different places for loading and unloading of goods. 

Proximity to the market

Warehouses should be situated at places where the market for raw materials and selling products is as close as possible. 

Safety Measures

A warehouse which is used to store eatables like fruits, bread and butter must be equipped with cold storage facilities and moisture resistant facilities. The warehouse must also be secured against the possibility of theft, and damage from heat, rainwater etc. 

Parking Facilities

Wherever you set up the warehouse, it is important to have sufficient space surrounding the warehouse for parking. Parking along the road becomes a bad experience for traders who come from outstations. So, parking arrangements should be made inside the premises to ensure safe loading and unloading. 


The warehouse location, construction and layout should be made in such a way that ensures maximum storage at minimum expense. 


If warehouses are not managed properly, it will lead to waste of money. Improper management may lead to theft, loss of goods stored in the warehouses. Strict control is essential over the warehouse on a daily basis. 

Criteria for choosing a warehouse

Factors that need to be considered while choosing a warehouse are

Type of storage

It is important to consider the type of products to be stored in a warehouse. In some cases, you might require an air-conditioned facility for storing perishables.  In some situations, you might need a warehouse with heating capacities. 


Location of the warehouse, hours of opening and closing and quantity of goods that can be stored are important factors that should be kept in mind while using warehouse facilities. 

Type of business of the client

The type of business the client runs plays a vital role in choosing a warehouse. He may require a larger space to store the goods during the offseason and smaller space during the peak season. 

Experience of warehouse personnel

Without properly trained people, the whole warehouse facility can become a waste. Before choosing a warehouse, you must look at the experience of the warehouse personnel. 

Availability and efficiency of warehouse processes

There are many processes that should be completed in a warehouse like shipping, docking and storing. Finding all the facilities in one place can be difficult in a warehouse. So, the efficiency of warehouse processes also plays an important factor. 

Use of technology

Nowadays, supply chain management involves the use of new age technology. The use of software brings automation and less frequent errors. 


Safe custody of goods

Whatever may be the reason for storage of goods, you must make sure that they are in safe custody. With this service, you can be assured of the safety of your goods. 

Great for travelling or shifting

Warehousing is also important when people are planning to travel or shifting to a different space. When you are planning to go on a holiday and it will take a couple of months to return, there is no need to pay rent unnecessarily. You can use warehousing services for household things in Bangalore to store your things when you travel. 

Optimize your space

Warehouse management is about optimizing the space you have. You can store things which you don’t need till later and optimize the space you have. In cities where rents are high, people opt for small houses where they do not find a space of their own. This is when warehousing facilities work best. 

The same applies to business owners too. With warehousing facilities, it is easy to move to a new space where modern facilities are available. Only the crucial things can be shifted to new premises. 

It is always important to keep the goods safely and ensure timely delivery to distributors. Warehousing plays an important part in supply chain management for any business. Stownest is a great choice for warehouse requirements in Bangalore. If you are searching for a warehouse for rent in Bangalore, you can trust the experience of our professionals. We at Stownest provide the best warehousing facilities following the industry standards.

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