On Demand Business Storage Facility

Get instant access to reliable, on demand business storage space at your convenience.

We Make Storage Easy

A new kind of storage that you can "Trust On"
We come to you
and do the heavy lifting
We secure it in
our storage facility
We bring it back
whenever you want

Box Storage Facility

  • On Demand box storage space
  • Secure and isolated units for your stock
  • Pickup and deliver it to your place

Your business needs storage space for expansion, to handle seasonal demands or reserve stock, We are proud to provide our Business storage solution for your stock. We understand that storage space is critical when it comes to your business. Our on-demand Box storage provides assured storage space and delivery on demand.

Document Storage Facility

  • Are you looking for secure storage for your business documents?
  • Are you looking for secure storage for your archives?
  • Are you looking for secure storage for your tax records or legal files?

StowNest document storage service has enabled over 100 companies to effectively realise the benefits of offsite storage. Whether you are looking to store your archives off-site, need a safe space for confidential documentation or wish to securely store your digital storage devices, StowNest has the solution to fit your needs.


Warehouse Storage Facility

  • On Demand warehouse space
  • Short term warehouse rental
  • Expand and Shrink based on your needs

Growing Business needs flexible warehouse storage space and without long term locking commitments. That’s where our on demand warehouse storage can help rent warehouse storage and increase or decrease space, based on your needs.

Business Storage

You might need extra space for your business, whether it's long term storage of surplus stock or a short term solution for the expansion of your business. We offer business ready storage solutions. We offer a cost-effective, highly secure business storage solution. We pick it up, store and deliver it back when you need.


StowNest Storage works with the best local professional moving companies to help pack and move your items into secure, commercial warehouses monitored 24/7. These professional movers are experienced, insured, and background-checked to ensure the best moving experience for you and your belongings.

The movers will help you pack and move just about anything that you would like. Some bulkier or fragile items (pool tables, exercise machines) require special care and should be moved with speciality movers. Our movers do not move or store these items but are happy to provide recommendations. If you have anything that may require special arrangements, please contact the StowNest Team.

To ensure security and privacy, we only use commercial warehouses which are closed to the public. Unfortunately, this includes you. However, we are always happy to return any items to you whenever you need them. We can return any items within 7 days, but if you need something even sooner, please let us know and we will do our best to help!

Your items are stored in secure, commercial storage warehouses that are monitored and secured 24/7. These warehouses are typically located outside of city limits in order to get you the best possible rates. The movers will carefully unload your storage from their trucks and organize your items so they are stored safely and efficiently.

Customer Reviews

Guests who liked our Business Storage Service

Easy to Book … Great easy to book, clean space and convenient access to Business Storage facility. Timely delivery!

Jitesh S

Electrical Business

The service, communication and response is awesome. Stownest storage is safe solution for your business items, they have a highly responsive team... which I liked the most. They take care all the things you need for, just one phone call and rest is on their own. The team will come to your place, pack everything like showroom packing and track each and every package with barcode. Really happy with the delightful service.

Rahul J

Kitchen Appliances Business

Central Bangalore Business storage facility team is very helpful, met my needs quickly. Friendly staff

Raghu N

Balaji IT Systems

Have recently stored my excess stock for festive season, with Stownest storage, We have been really pleased with it. Clean, accessible business storage facility and competitive rates. I'm a regular now.

Chandresh J

Festive Decors Business

excellent but accidentally billed me for my "10% discount" voucher. Later they were courteous to identify, acknowledge, refund my discount component. People to trust on….


Audio and Visual accessories business

A very friendly and efficient service. I use it to regularly to store my event logistics. Their delivery promise is something to cheer upon. They ensure our events run smoothly every-time.

Dhirendra A

Event Management Company