On Demand Warehouse Storage Facility

Get instant access to reliable, on demand warehouse storage space at your convenience!
We have best experts in the field

We understand about your business, consumers and society.

Secure Storage

Commercial grade storage facility - moist, humid free; and with 24/7 security and centralized monitoring

Keep tab of your stock

We catalog your stock. You can easily request items for return from our App.

Logistic Services

Our logistic services include both pickup /delivery services. Same day delivery within city

Refill or Re stocking service

We provide you reports, to refill stocks below threshold or even do complete restocking for audit

Self-Storage for Business

The freedom to grow you business - on your terms

Need additional space to store stock, equipments, documents, or inventory?
A self storage unit is the solution you’re looking for. Businesses across various industries rent self storage units to get some much-needed space for an affordable monthly rate rather than expanding or renting a new commercial space.

It’s time to look into affordable business storage with StowNest!

  • Utilize your valuable space for business expansion
  • Redeem Extra space at your point of sale/office/in-house storage
  • Manage temporary Spikes/Overflow by renting our on-demand commercial storage

Grow Your Business Without Expanding Your Footprint

Not having enough accessible space can cramp your company's style, productivity, and hurt your revenue. In short, it prevents you from taking your business to the next level. If you’re not quite ready for the commitment or cost of a renting a warehouse, StowNest is here for you with affordable commercial storage solutions for businesses.

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Warehouse Storage at Self Storage price

The aim of any business is to save money. If you’re renting a larger premises solely for the necessity of storage space, then off site self storage units can relieve your premises of this burden, and give you the freedom to downsize and save cash.

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Pro Package

Monthly Plan
  • 24 pallets(360 sqft) of space
  • Dedicated storage space
  • Secured storage for your belongings
  • No handling fees upto 50 items per month
  • On priority deliveries at actuals
  • Direct contact number
  • Bi-weekly report
  • One Re-stocking a year included


Standard Package

Monthly Plan
  • 12 pallets(180 sqft) of space
  • Shared storage space
  • Secured storage for your belongings
  • No handling fees upto 25 items per month
  • Regular deliveries at market price
  • Connect through shared helpline
  • Monthly report
  • Re-stocking charges on actuals*

*Pickups & Deliveries and Packing materials at actuals


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Warehouse storage at self storage price

We pick up your belongings, store them securely, and deliver them back to you whenever needed.