On Demand Warehouse Facility in Kolkata

Get instant access to reliable, on demand warehouse storage space at your convenience.

Hassle-free storage with move-in help

A new kind of storage that you can "Trust On"
We come to you
and do the heavy lifting
We secure it in
our storage facility
We bring it back
whenever you want

On demand Warehouse Storage

  • Looking for short term warehouse storage space?
  • Your business needs flexible warehouse storage space?
  • You cannot afford to rent entire storage space?

If your business always needed flexible warehouse storage without long term contractual lock up, we have flexible and convenient warehouse storage that is purely based on space consumed and for the time it is consumed. We have secure, dry and flexible storage solutions for you.Warehouse as a service in simple terms.

Why StowNest?

We at StowNest know that your belongings have sentimental and monetary value. You can relax, knowing our self storage facility is monitored 24/7. We also offer insurance for protection you can count on.

  • Safe Storage space on demand
  • Pay for what you use
  • Protection is our Promise
  • Easy Access to your belongings


  • Our professional packers will wrap your items with utmost care.

  • Then the movers will take your belongings to our secured storage unit which is monitored 24/7.

  • Photographs of all your items and catalogue is prepared.

  • When you want any of the items back, you can select a few or all of your items from the catalogue which is accessible on our app and our professionals will deliver the items at your doorstep within 72 hours.

  • Pick up from you work place

  • Just pay for the space that you require

  • Avail great offers and get friendly professional advice from our expert team

  • Wide range of good quality packing materials

  • An option of choosing long term or short term business storage solutions

  • Clean and secure business storage facilities

  • 24 X 7 security with CCTV coverage

  • Integrated with Fire control systems

  • Regular pest control services

  • Insurance coverage

  • Saving Money

    All businesses aim to save money. With innovations in technology, many businesses are finding ways to work without a proper office. Even in such cases, they still need to find a place to store some of their equipment’s or furniture . StowNest’s storage space for rent in Kolkata offers this space at a very reasonable rate in comparison to the rent of an office or warehouse

  • Protection against loss

    When you are storing everything including your valuables at your workplace or business place, there is a huge risk of losing your valuables if the security is not up to the mark which you can avoid by securing your valuable business-related possessions in a reliable storage space with 24/7 security.

  • Relocating to a better place

    You can relocate your work place to a larger building, but it has its own drawbacks. You may have to pay higher rentals, larger utility bills along with covering the expense of the entire move. By investing in a business storage unit, you can easily clear your office space without getting rid of anything. This will give you more time to save for the move until you find the right building.

  • De-cluttering

    If your workplace is small and you are unable to accommodate the items properly, de-cluttering can be a great option. However, during the process you may lose your valuable belongings. StowNest offers you economical business storage solutions to store your important items.

  • Safe Storage while renovating

    With the passage of time, your building may start looking worn-down or poorly maintained which can create a negative impression on both clients and employees. You can renovate your building to make it look fresh and well organized. During this process, StowNest’s storage space for rent in Kolkata can prove to be a great help for you

Our professionals are experts in their field and they can help you in every step of the way throughout your storage journey. Simply fill your storage requirement details today and request a call back. For further information on business storage in Kolkata, you can give us a ring on +91 8088887750 or email us at contact@stownest.com.

The movers will help you pack and move just about anything that you would like. Some bulkier or fragile items (pool tables, exercise machines) require special care and should be moved with speciality movers. Our movers do not move or store these items but are happy to provide recommendations. If you have anything that may require special arrangements, please contact the StowNest Team.

To ensure security and privacy, we only use commercial warehouses which are closed to the public. Unfortunately, this includes you. However, we are always happy to return any items to you whenever you need them. We can return any items within 7 days, but if you need something even sooner, please let us know and we will do our best to help!

Your items are stored in secure, commercial storage warehouses that are monitored and secured 24/7. These warehouses are typically located outside of city limits in order to get you the best possible rates. The movers will carefully unload your storage from their trucks and organize your items so they are stored safely and efficiently.

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