StowNest redefines relationship between your space and belongings, so you can spend less time managing your things and more time living your life clutter free.

  • We offer personalized storage service for your belongings be it home, office or business.
  • We do what’s right. For our customers, this translates to peace of mind and value.


Our goal is to reimagine how people think about and use storage. Effective utilization of space-time resource for ever growing Urban needs powered by emerging technology platform. World class customer service for storage needs.


Provide business & personal storage space for short term and long term needs. Help SME customers grow their business by bringing in Warehouse level QoS for stock management at affordable price.

Our Story

During our engineering days, big group of us stayed and studied together and managed small spaces creatively. While we have come a long way, we realize there is so much of clutter within and outside our homes. Later when preparing for Administrative exams, we realized there is lot to be done around space/ storage as a topic in cities. Especially around storage delivered to doorstep and quality customer service. Each one of us have had different stints in creating a sustainable business, be it logistics, home services, fintech, or adventure travel companies. When we reunited to discuss what will be our next venture, we knew we could use technology to offer a customer-oriented storage platform that would transform the way people managed their spaces and belongings. The vision is to be a trusted partner at every step of your life, making managing your things as easy as checking in with Stownest. We hope you enjoy using our Storage service, as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.
~ StowNest Co-Founders
Your Storage experts

Our Team

Seasoned engineers, administrative officers, designers, and space creators with experience building products at companies like HPE, IBM, Komli and SBI with a shared goal of reimagining how people think about and use storage space. “Simplification, technology and world-class customer service” are at core of everything we do to make storage simple.


sUdhindra Subbarao

Co-Founder & CEO

Amieth Kumar

Co-Founder & COO

Srinivasa Murthy


Ramesh C