Household Storage

Get instant access to reliable, on demand household storage space at your convenience.

We Make Storage Easy

A new kind of storage that you can "Trust On"
We come to you
and do the heavy lifting
We secure it in
our storage facility
We bring it back
whenever you want

Household Storage Rentals during Relocation

  • Relocating to different city?
  • Moving into furnished place?
  • Want to de-clutter before your move?

Always good to give yourself time to finalize on your new home. Once you’re settled in your new home you can decide what you want to keep in the long term and what you want to sell or donate. Your belongings will still be safe here in household storage units, so that when you move back home you don’t have to buy everything again

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Household Storage rentals during Re-modeling

  • Any gap between vacating and moving into your new home?
  • Remodeling, Decorating, or downsizing?
  • Renting out your fully furnitured house?

Whatever is your scenario, you can use our household storage service to minimise clutter and make your house appear more spacious whilst trying to remodel, rent or sell your home. Your belongings will be in safe household storrage units until the time you need it.

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Household Storage Rentals for occasions

  • Are you Moving in together?
  • Are you starting new life in a new home?
  • Do you have items used needed only during festive?

We have tailored solutions for all your life event storage needs. From baby toys, golf gears, awards, musical instruments, camping equipments, christmas decors, Navaratri idols, furnitures to extra wardrobe space, StowNest offers household storage solutions in the form of secure storage bins specifically meant for these occasions.

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Household Storage Service

Relocating on work, remodeling, de-cluttering or downsizing your home, or need storage for life events or festive occasions, StowNest offers reliable household storage for all your needs. We come to your doorstep, do heavy lifting, store it and bring it back when you need it.


StowNest Storage works with the best local professional moving companies to help pack and move your items into secure, commercial warehouses monitored 24/7. These professional movers are experienced, insured, and background-checked to ensure the best moving experience for you and your belongings.

The movers will help you pack and move just about anything that you would like. Some bulkier or fragile items (pool tables, exercise machines) require special care and should be moved with speciality movers. Our movers do not move or store these items but are happy to provide recommendations. If you have anything that may require special arrangements, please contact the StowNest Team.

To ensure security and privacy, we only use commercial warehouses which are closed to the public. Unfortunately, this includes you. However, we are always happy to return any items to you whenever you need them. We can return any items within 7 days, but if you need something even sooner, please let us know and we will do our best to help!

Your items are stored in secure, commercial storage warehouses that are monitored and secured 24/7. These warehouses are typically located outside of city limits in order to get you the best possible rates. The movers will carefully unload your storage from their trucks and organize your items so they are stored safely and efficiently.

Customer reviews

Guests who liked our Household Storage Service

One of the tough things we had to deal with was selling our house and not having a place to move to till we constructed new houses. Friends of ours recommended stow nest,. “We put tools, a lot of household things, lawn equipment and holiday decorations in storage. It could not have worked out better for us,. “There were several times we needed something that we had in storage in the interim. Stow nest made it easy.”

Johnson J

Business Owner

I was hesitant about putting my apartment in household storage after moving back home. I was worried my belonging would be damaged and I would be dissatisfied. I cannot express how thankful I am for StowNest. They have right answers when it comes to household storage, and being just absolutely out of this world! I cannot thank you enough.

Aparna G

Advertising executive

"Very friendly and super easy to work with. We just needed a household storage unit for a month and they treated us as though we would be renting for years. Awesome staff! And... their rate was highly competitive. We would highly recommend using stownest Storage!"

Rahul S

Sales Manager

My experience with stownest household storage was such a positive one that I feel compelled to tell others about it. From beginning to end they made my wife and I feel extremely comfortable. storing our beloved items can be a very stressful situation in itself, but the people at stownest minimized our concerns with their professionalism and genuine customer service abilities. Their attention to detail and method of wrapping and covering prevented any damage to our belongings and we were pleased.

Mrudula P

Account executive

From start to finish these guys were great to work with. Stownest team was informative and friendly on the phone, even helped me save money where I could. The moving crew showed up on time. They were all friendly and moved fast. All of my house hold items and other items were checked, covered, marked, and an inventory list was filled out. And safely stored in household storage facility and returned to my new house on schedule. All my furniture arrived without anything being damaged. Overall the process went smooth and I wasn't surprised by any hidden fees.

Farooq A

Accounting analyst

I'm happy, happy, happy, so happy! Marvelous! I don't have proper words to express my happiness! Finally, I moved to my parents house for delivery! Such a relief! I loved the job the guys did. So friendly. They followed all my instructions without any shade of hesitation! Use stownest household storage, if you are moving to your parent house for delivery on a long term and doesn’t want your husband mess up your house and also wants all your items in your house to be safe!

Saritha R

Managing Director